Case Study : Costco Wholesale Corporation Essay

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Tim Murphy is the GMM, General Merchandising Manager, of foods for Costco Wholesale Corporation. He has been working for the company for almost thirty-four years. He did not get to where he is today without putting a great deal of work. Mr. Murphy began his Costco career as a front-end assistant. From a front-end assistant, he moved up the ladder. He became a front-end supervisor and worked his way to the Warehouse manager position. From there he moved to the buying office of Costco where he was a buyer for the sundries department. After working in that position for a few years he became the General Merchandising Manager. At his current position he oversees the entire food buying department for Northern California, Nevada, and parts of Oregon. The interview took place on November 9 over the phone. The purpose of the interview was to gain a better picture of what the corporate workplace looked like. The interview began with a question asking him about the schooling he had to obtain to become who he is today. His answer somewhat surprised me, “I actually never graduated college. I had entered Cal State Fullerton looking to get a degree in criminal justice. That only meant I had to work even harder in the business world.” This was interesting because he grew up in a different time, a degree wasn’t as important when he started at Costco. He also wanted to emphasize that today a degree was very important. Posing the question to Mr. Murphy, “what a typical day as the General
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