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Karli Miller Case Study: Costco Wholesale Costco Business Summary: Costco Wholesale is a corporation that operates a several membership warehouses. It was founded in 1976 based in Issaquah, Washington and was originally known as Costco Companies, Inc. Costco provides a wide range of merchandise in all different categories. Costco does not only provide branded products but also those of private label. The items that Costco offers range from that of foods, drinks, cleaning supplies, appliances, electronics, outside equipment, office supplies, apparel, home furnishings, beauty supplies, and other deli, bakery, and produce options. The store is also known for not only the widely genres of merchandise but also for their in-store amenities…show more content…
These code of ethics include obeying the law, taking care of our members, taking care of our employees, respecting our suppliers and if they do these four things throughout their organization they believe they will achieve their ultimate goal which is to reward their shareholders. While Costco does not essentially have a vision statement it mission statement makes up for it and in its mission statement it is clear where Costco stands and what it is bound to accomplish by being an ethical company. Costco’s mission statement is clear, correct in terms of what a mission statement sets out to do and also, provides clear insight to what the company’s mission and morals are which is what essentially makes or breaks a company. Internal Assessment: Currently Costco’s stock is selling at $136.49 per share. They have a profit margin at 1.99% and an operating margin of 3.07%. Overall this company financially is very successful and operating at an essentially profitable level. Their revenue has done nothing but grown since 2005. In 2005 their revenue was at 52,935 whereas at the end of 2014 they were operating on revenue of 115,944 which is a growth or increase of over 63,000. Some of Costco’s major competition includes Target and

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