Essay about Case Study - Counseling Children

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I would approach the counseling session from a cognitive-behavior approach. It appears that Isabella is suffering from anxiety and the cognitive behavior approach to therapy would be a good match for the student. There are a number of aspects of the therapy that coincide with my belief system. I would expect to maintain a professional relationship with Isabella. While I cannot relate the situation that is currently affecting her, I would exert maximum effort in order to see her situation improve.
I would start the counseling session by letting her know reason that she has been called into my office. I would let her know that her mother had come to see me and I had also visited with her teachers to get their input into the
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These notes would highlight areas where our strategy worked and areas where we may need to come up with different alternatives for the ones that did not work. The goal being to maximize the positives and minimize the negatives.
There are a number of cultural issues to consider when counseling a student who is Hispanic. A traditional Hispanic family is a close-knit group. The father is the head of the household and the mother is responsible for the home. He also may act as the final disciplinarian of the children. In Isabella’s case, her father has been deported. Given the uncertainty associated with deportation, the family unit is going through a very stressful time. If the father was the sole provider of the family, the family may enter into discussions about returning to Mexico. This may be one of the main reasons for Isabella’s anxiety. A second cultural consideration may be the language factor. It is important that the counselor respect the language differences. Given the language barrier with her mother, it is important that the counselor bring in an outside expert to bridge these differences. An ideal candidate would be a Spanish teacher or the English as a Second Language teacher. Considerations will have to be made in order to schedule the counseling sessions around the schedules of the teacher and the parent. There are a number of different counseling techniques that
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