Case Study : Course Work Of Project Management

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Title: Course work of Project Management Author: Monalisa Soni Date: 24/02/2015 Distribution: Mr Richard Johnson MSc Management of Business Information Technology Abstract This report describes the reorganizing and rebranding the business of the Harrison books as Harrison Collectable Ltd. (HCL). This report consists the plan of business followed by risks; cover the risk, efficiency improvement in the business. The owners of the business are Sebastian and Rachel Harrison. As per the owners reorganizing the company would help and give profits to the business which will also be helpful for the global exposure. This idea would be profitable to the owners. Reorganization of business time frame is twelve weeks. Table of Contents Abstract 2 1. Rebranding Project Plan highlighting the risks 4 1.1 Planning 5 1.2 Risks 8 1. Rebranding Project Plan highlighting the risks Reorganizing the business of Harrison Books is the project which needs to be initiated setting the plan. Plan has to be the series of processes direct towards the required result in time. Scheduling is very important in this project as it has very limited time and process dependencies. Planning of the project will maintain and ensure the process is fulfilling the need of the business. Here, Planning and execution would be difficult for both Sebastian and Rachel. They are hiring an external company for Planning and Designing the plan.
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