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CREPES & WAFFLES CASE STUDY Raul García Gustavo Victoria Julieta Castaneda BACKGROUND INFORMATION Crepes & Waffles a chain of restaurants born of the idea of two young business administration university students, Beatriz Fernandez and Eduardo Macia, who had the vision to create a business in which they only believed. “We are not in the food business but rather in the business of art. Our job is to interpret our client’s dreams and make them come true” 1 Mission Be an admired company for serving healthy art with love and joy at reasonable prices. Vision Be the leader in its industry promoting a sense of ownership among its customers, employees, and the community in general Crepes & Waffles was born as a…show more content…
See appendix for menu. AMBIENCE Crepes & Waffles offers a pleasant ambience with a young and informal look and feel. It can appeal to families for a Sunday outing, a group of friends who haven´t met in a while and want to catch up over a cup of coffee and dessert as well as young college students out on a date. MARKETING AND PROMOTION C&W builds its brand mostly through its unique value proposition and its continued pursue of differentiation…great menu, quality and ambiance at reasonable prices, all with a social responsibility mindset in a restaurant/food segment with low competition. Its marketing and promotion efforts have been driven mostly by word of mouth, generating pleasant experiences that can then be told to others who become new customers. Newspapers advertisements are mainly focused on their operating philosophy reinforcing their social responsibility efforts. C&W does not do regular advertising through TV thus not spending a lot of money on traditional channels but rather investing significant resources in continued innovation and experience enhancement. As an example, ten years ago C&W changed 100% of its dinnerware at an approx. cost of USD1MM with a purpose of enhancing the dining experience regardless of the very high associated cost. Its webpage is consistent with the image of its restaurants and menu, young and

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