Case Study: Crime Investigation of a Death in Las Vegas Essay

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The case is taking place in Las Vegas, United States of America. One morning, Tony Braun was found dead by the gardener of the house. The case has an appearance of a complete suicide. The body of Tony Braun is found in the living room in a laying position next to the couches. At the first look, there is no signs of any struggle or any other signs that could suggest murder. Investigators found a Xanax box, a prescription drug that is mainly used for anxiety disorders, laying near the body. There are no pills remaining in the box. However, the sticker on the box is stating that the prescription drug was refilled one day before the case took place. This might suggest consumption of many pills at a time by the suicide victim and also might …show more content…
Another investigator obtains fingerprints from the doggy door. After crime scene investigation, the external body examination is conducted. Numerous needle marks that are present on the arms of the victim are confirming the drug use and drug addiction. There is three big red marks present on the chest of the victim. According to the doctor, these marks are formed due to physical force. There is red marks present on the lips of the victim as well but the source of these marks is unknown. Stomach contents are extracted from the body for analysis. No food is present in the contents but heroin and pills. Presence of heroin in the stomach contents indicates ingestion of heroin other than inhaling it. Even though Tony is suspected to be taken many pills, almost a hundred, there is no undissolved pills found in the stomach content. This is possible if the pills are dissolved in a liquid prior to ingestion by the victim. Girlfriend of Tony, who also lives in the same house with Tony, is questioned by investigators. She argues that she was not at the house when the case took place. She says that she left home right after the drug dealer arrived to the house because she did not like the behaviors of his boyfriend while he is under the influence of the drugs. She states that she went to a friend’s place on that day and spent the night over there. She is one of the main suspects in this

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