Case Study – Cunard Line, Ltd.

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Case Study – Cunard Line, Ltd.
Cunard is facing a problem as to whether their marketing efforts should go towards tactical promotions or if they should be applied to marketing the overall brand while facing the effects of a recession.
Cunard Line Ltd. is a cruise line that represents luxury and class providing four to five star cruise ship options. Their overall target market is mature adults with mid to very high income-levels. A lot of the marketing efforts put forth by Cunard were going towards tactical efforts and the promotion of individual ships as opposed to the promotion of the entire brand. Although most of the ads portrayed the same look and had an individually tailored paragraph and/or photo. Set
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This method can be used for customers of the four or five star ships. This loyalty program would provide occasional direct offers to customers who already have experience with Cunard and therefore will not view the deals as a lowering of standards. An example of a deal that can be provided is a selling package that is good for a year or two. This package would outline a discounted price for a set amount of people to travel on a certain cruise ship. That way, there is enough time for a customer to realistically plan out a trip while providing an incentive for them and encourage more action as opposed to a regular priced ad.
Lastly, an alternative that can be taken is to build relationships with various large companies with employees who make an income in the target range and make offers to company executives. This method would not downplay the company image because Cunard would be communicating directly with high-income executives and furthermore will not be making any public sales or advertisements. This method would create new potential customers who are directly in the target market of choice using the method of relationship building. This may also result in additional customer retention. This method can be used for both the four and five star ships. In order to attract the target market of the five star ships, Cunard can make an arrangement with a company to offer a deal with their luxury ships as part of a retirement plan.

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