Case Study : Current State Assessment

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Current State Assessment
The initial step for the business improvement is to assess the current state. It gives the true state of the business. The knowledge of how core processes are working within the business is mandatory before any actions are taken.
Issues faced by Fitness One
1) Training

• Inadequate and poor quality training: System related issues are not addressed in a substantive way due to poor quality of training. More emphasis in training is given on areas such as risk removal, ensuring optimal performance and the delivery of project deliverables, instead of the organisational change of the new system.
• Poor Timing of training: The training of the employees is not arranged in a timely manner. It is either too
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• Failure to get ownership in the effort.

Fitness One’s Objectives
a) Enhancement: The main objective of fitness one is to enhance and upgrade by increasing its efficiency and effectiveness. The new membership management system aims to improve the working methods by replacing the existing manual system with the new computer-based system, in order to handle the increasing growth of its members.

b) Accuracy: The new system is expected to be very accurate providing quick response, with very accurate information regarding the users etc. It delivers any details in an accurate manner as and when required.

c) User-Friendly: The software has a very user friendly interface. The users will feel very easy to work on it. The software provides accuracy along with a pleasant interface.

d) Maintenance Cost: Reduce the cost of maintenance and increase the benefit from the new system.

Role of Project Management in Organisational Change
Having determined a healthy project management culture within Fitness One, we can use this to support organisational change. We do this by building our project management methodology and supporting project managers and steering committees to clearly define the nature and extent of changes the project is aiming to bring about.
Fitness One needs to understand that many projects fail because a company did not focus on the people aspect of the project-that is, the effect on people the project brings. If a company wants to have a change
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