Case Study : Cvs Health Care

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The Fortune 500 company I chose is CVS Health. I chose this for a few different reasons. First, I recently had to visit the Minute Clinic in the CVS store twice within the last month. Secondly, I chose CVS because it is part of the health care initiative and I work for a healthcare company. The strategic vision here at CVS Health is to continue to expand health care options to our valued customers. As our image changes to a store that reflects overall health, we will stock our stores with items geared towards health and wellness. Over the next few years, we will form partnerships with companies whose products fit our new motto of “A happy me is a healthy me.”, by filling the store shelves with healthy alternatives while phasing out items that do not meet our vision goals. Our pharmacy will continue to add value priced prescription drugs to our Caremark Value Priced Generic Drug List so our customers have access to lower priced drugs. For our family consumers, CVS Health will create long-term contracts with our suppliers to ensure the best prices will be given on diapers, wipes, baby food, diapers, baby powder, and all household items needed for a family. With these already low prices, our Extra Care Savings, will be offer individualized coupons based on the customer’s purchasing history. Lastly, we will look at surrounding heath care stores to see if adding a MinuteClinic to an existing CVS Health store will provide a quality alternative for care. With our price

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