Case Study Damn Heels Essay

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The Damn Heels case study is about a female business student form Ryerson University in Canada. She came up with the idea to turn heels into flat bottomed shoes. The reason behind this was to allow women to wears heels during the main events they were attending, and then when the events were over they could then transform the heels into heelless flat bottomed shoes. These shoes are planned on being issued at a lowered price point of $20 dollars compared to their
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Threats: One threat is that her idea is not patented. Any larger retailer can use her idea and become a direct competitor with her. Another threat is that she chooses to have her product delivered by air instead of sea. This may allow for a quicker turnover but since it is a startup business it might have been a better idea to have product shipped by sea which would be cheaper since capital is low.

Question 2: From a qualitative viewpoint, discuss the pros and cons of launching this venture.

From a qualitative viewpoint the positives consist of the product being made up of high-grade material. She has also hired an experienced designer for shoes designs as well as planning on creating a high-end websites for which to sell the product off of. The negatives of launching this venture from a qualitative view point are that the shoes are being manufactured in China. Customers may see this as low quality manufacturing and might feel more comfortable with the product if it was made in North America. Question 3: Identify all costs associated with this venture. Categorize these costs as fixed or variable.
Fixed Cost:
Apartment space and Utilities per month = $300
Website Creation Fee = $1,500
Variable Cost:
Delivery by air (2 Weeks) = $600
Delivery by sea (6 Weeks) = NA
Packaging cost = $0.08 per pair
Brand Labeling cost = $0.25 per pair

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