Case Study : Data Global Delivery Services

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In this paper I am going to share my last company NTT DATA GLOBAL DELIVERY SERVICES LTD’s tactics, strategies, operations and management and its usage of analytics in the global market to achieve its goals. In this competitive world, many of the former industry’s strategic alternatives are no longer viable or likely to be successful. Today, there are few regulated monopolies, or companies with unique geographical access. Proprietary technologies are rapidly copied by competitors, and breakthrough innovation in either products or services is rare. Most of the competitive strategies organizations are employing today involve optimization of key business processes. Instead of serving all customers, they want to serve optimal customers— those with the highest level of profitability and lifetime value. Instead of receiving goods and services whenever they happen to arrive, they attempt to optimize supply chains to minimize disruptions and in-process inventory. Instead of looking backward at their business performance and making ex post facto adjustments, they seek to understand how optimum nonfinancial performance drives optimum financial performance, and to make accurate forecasts of future performance so they can react in advance of situations. Instead of throwing money at business problems, they seek to optimize their use of capital. But strategies involving optimization require something different than those based on taking business as it comes. The cost-effective and
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