Case Study - Decisions, Decisions Essay

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| CASE STUDY – DECISIONS, DECISIONS | MODULE 5 | | | Austin Lynch | | | 1. Use the decision-making model (page 196) presented in the chapter to map the decisions being made in these situations. Identify how, where, and why different decisions might be made. The following explanation is structured based on the decision making model: Define the problem (A), Analyze Alternatives (B), Make a Choice (C), Take Action (D), Evaluate Result (E). For each of the steps in the decision-making process, I will list each situation in order (1-4) stated in Case 9, W-115. A. Define the Problem 1. A woman decides not to wear her engagement ring to a job interview. 2. To combat rising healthcare costs, executives want…show more content…
4. Wal-Mart made their choice because it showed the positive impact the bonuses are for their stakeholders. D. Take Action 1. The woman considered all alternatives and took action with her decision. 2. The CEOs took action by implementing the health and smoking programs. Although there we many alternatives, their action was focused on the individual’s choice: to participate or not. The decision then became that of the employee and not the “for the group.” 3. The saleswoman took action by allowing the wage difference to continue; or rather her choice was to take no action in order to keep the peace. 4. Wal-Mart took action by going public with the figures. This action is critiqued by the sheer numbers of dollars spread throughout the ranks. E. Evaluate the Result 1. The woman may have got the job. 2. Scotts’ employees effectively became healthier in order to lower their premiums. 3. The saleswoman did not cause conflict. 4. Wal-Mart made an ethical choice to make their numbers public and let the world deal with it! 2. What are the issues involved in these situations? How are they best addressed by the decision makers? There are multiple issues highlighted between the four stories. There are ethical and moral issues, personal issues, financial issues, and publicity issues. Each decision maker addresses the issue at hand and has made their decision based
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