Case Study : Delicious Pastries Company In The FMCG Industry

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Project Scenario:
Delicious Pastries Company is a medium sized company in the FMCG sector. From the past 3 years the company facing the major hurdles regarding the declining of sales month after month, due to which company experiencing huge losses. The purpose of this report is to analyze and identify the basic problem hidden by which the company suffers big losses and loses its market share.

The Delicious Pastries company form in the year 2000, at the beginning the company first came with the four different flavors name as chocolate, vanilla, blueberry and Strawberry. At the beginning the company targeted the major’s cities of Pakistan (Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta and Peshawar) with huge marketing. Company getting famous with in a 2 years and was successful to achieve 25% of market share and having a confidence to stand in front of competitors to compete their rivals.
In the year 2010 the company market share was successful to reach 45% of the market and making the huge profit and was leading the market with their unique taste and best quality.
In the year 2013 company realizes that they losing their market share up to 20% and hardly making any profit. The company took the step to find out the problem with their experts that why the sales were declining?

Problem Identification:
The Research team taking following surveys and steps to find out the problem:
• The research team has sent the sales team to the local stores dealers to get the reviews
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