Case Study Dell 2

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Direct from Dell-Strategies that Revolutionized an Industry 1. a. In a span of 20 years, from 1984, Michael Dell became the leader of one of the most profitable and innovative organizations in the world. The meteoric rise of Dell Computers Corporation was largely a result of some innovative strategies and perspectives and reveals a new model for doing business in the information age. Discuss the major mistakes made during this period and the resulting lessons learnt by Dell. First mistake, though minor one, if not corrected could have been major, No Delegation. Corrected and a might have been major catastrophe averted. Page 18. Second mistake, first major one, Excess inventory. In 1989, Buying large no. of 256KB memory chips , and…show more content…
to provide consulting services to companies that seek to emulate Dell’s success with the direct model and Internet- based IT. “Dell doesn’t want to pass on the secrets of the direct model to subcontractors. Dell is bringing in more of the box with more stuff in it from suppliers, but keeps control of the complex and proprietary parts of the process. In summary, the organization of Dell’s production network is changing. Whereas the network was previously located mainly in Asia, today it is increasingly being regionalized in order to better target markets with the direct model and to respond to rapid changes in markets. These regional production networks involve a combination of Asian suppliers and U.S. contract manufacturers. b. Select any
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