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CASE STUDY & ARTICLES: DELL COMPUTER ARTICLES & INFORMATION Supply Chains - A Manager 's Guide - Chapter 1 (abstracts) by David A. Taylor Cost reduction is the number-one reason that companies initiate supply chain improvements. But there’s an even bigger opportunity here: Supply chain improvements are good for the bottom line, but they can be even better for the top line. Getting the supply chain right can give a company a tremendous competitive advantage, and sometimes that advantage is enough to overturn an entire industry structure. The shining example of this kind of victory is the way Dell Computer systematically dismantled the rest of the personal computer industry. Prior to Dell, personal computers were…show more content…
Dell has realized, however, that maintaining its manufacturing efficiency (and corresponding customer satisfaction) will become more complicated as the company continues to grow its global business. The reason? Dell’s streamlined manufacturing processes and its enviably low inventory levels are increasingly dependent on the company’s ability to accurately forecast customer demand and schedule its manufacturing processes accordingly. In other words, as Dell grows, so does the complexity of its manufacturing process and the need to have the right components on-hand at any given moment to satisfy immediate customer requirements. Until now, the company 's supplier-management processes have relied primarily on manual mechanisms, including shared spreadsheets, voicemail and faxed messages. It was clear to Dell’s leadership that, under continued global expansion, such mechanisms would eventually reach their breaking point. To avoid this eventuality, they needed to partner with an innovative leader with deep, global experience in business process and system design – a partner that could help create and implement the necessary technical architecture and integration and also provide deep project management skills. That partner was Accenture. Accenture 's RoleIn today’s fast-paced world of business, the winners are those who can best predict their customers’ buying behaviors and immediately adjust to

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