Case Study : Delta Coast Hospital Essay

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Purpose and scope of this analysis The purpose of this analysis is to identify the threats and opportunities from the external environment to Delta Coast Hospital (DCH) for FY 2017 under two different results from the upcoming Presidential election. We will do this by analyzing both possible outcomes of the 2016 November elections using the PEST-ED method. FY 2017 Goals for Delta Coast Health The overall FY 2017 Goals for DCH are to maintain current profitability, improve access, and quality in order to thrive and prosper regardless of the November election outcomes. Goal 1: Profitability Increase patient collections by optimizing patient billing and patient payment processes. Explore care delivery in outpatient settings, and reduce the length of patient stays. Strategically design new service lines with respect to the aging population. Evolve into a health system through the acquisition of physicians? practices, ambulatory centers, diagnostic centers, home care services, DME and wellness companies. 2.2 Goal 2: Access Increase preventive care measures to help improve medical outcomes, reduce hospitalizations, length of stays and charges. Establish patient centered care around the patient?s individual needs and not the disease. Use technology (telemedicine) to improve access, quality, and reduce costs. 2.3. Goal 3: Quality Implement community preventative screening tools/programs. Create Centers of Excellence utilizing best practice, and evidence based

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