Case Study : Depression And Suicide Ideations With A Suicide Plan

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Case Study: Depression and Suicide Ideations with a Suicide Plan This case study is on client, Harold, referred to Greenbrier Behavioral Health Center, an intensive outpatient program (IOP), from Greenbrier Behavioral Health Hospital. The client is a 43 year old, retired, white male, living in Slidell, Louisiana. His highest level of education is a GED. He is married with two children ages 8 and 12. He recently retired after more than 20 years from the police force. Harold is overweight, wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt, appears clean and groomed. He is sitting, calm and quiet with arms resting on his legs. History, Symptoms and Diagnosis Harold grew up in Louisiana with his mother, older brother and older sister. He says his mother favored his older brother. She never expressed feelings or actions of love or affection toward him and his sister, but did the brother. Harold’s father left when he was a baby. Harold and his brother became police officers and developed a close relationship. Eight years ago his brother was killed in the line of duty. At his brothers funeral a tree fell on the car of Harold’s best friend, killing his friend. After the funeral of his brother his mother became withdrawn, would not leave the house, stopped taking necessary medication, and died six months later. Harold feels like his mother committed suicide. Harold never allowed himself to grieve. After his best friend and brothers’ death, Harold began drinking a liter of Jack Daniels daily. Two

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