Case Study : Developing Successful Business

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Assignment On “Developing Successful Business” Executive Summary Team effort and team bonding is a key factor for the achievement of a goals. In the managerial level there are many problems. The team effort can be helpful to eradicate them. The team leaders should nurture the employees in achieving the competitive advantages than the related organizations. The managers or the team leaders must assists and encourage the team members in case of achieving the goals. It is the team effort that is linked directly with the achievement of the objectives of the team. There are three dimensions in case of team performance. This are-individual behavior varies the team behavior, team behavior makes a successful team and proper management of performance can bring change of the behavior pattern of the team. Performance evaluation system encourages the team members to give their best in the team operation and resolving the faults or weakness that the employee and the total teams has while performing a team work. Contents Executive Summary 2 Introduction 4 Task I Understanding the features of successful business teams 5 1.1 Characteristics of successful business team 5 1.2 Importance of team roles in successful in successful business teams 6 1.3 Value of using theoretical models when building successful business team 7 Task 2 being able to support team development 8 2.1 The stages of team development 8 2.2 Plan of how to motivate team members to achieve
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