Case Study : Disney Studios And Universal Studios

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Marketing is the act or process of buying and selling in a market; or the commercial functions involved in transferring goods from producer to consumer. This profession involves lots of hands-on work, which is why I have narrowed my research to two companies, The Walt Disney Studios and Universal Studios. The Walt Disney Studios has been the foundation from which The Walt Disney Company was built. It markets on a global scale encompassing creativity in all of their sales networks. Universal’s theatrical slate includes films developed internally ,and outside firms distributed by the studio. In my report I will use a SWOT analysis in deciding which company best caters to my career goals.
The ideal company that I would be employed under would have to allow me not only to express myself through my chosen profession of marketing, but also appeal to me on a personal level. One trait that would be very important to have would be creativity, and to be able to apply my creativity in my marketing strategies. Being able to show my own personal touch as I apply my marketing skill wills be beneficial because it will require my own creativity.
Also, the ideal company would have many opportunities to grow. My career is very important to me and until I feel settled in the work force, I won 't be able to start many personal growth interests outside of my work. I need a company that has opportunities to grow not only in marketing , but will open…
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