Case Study : Disney 's America Theme Park Essay

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Case Analysis – Disney’s America Theme Park: The Third Battle of Bull Run Michael Eisner is the CEO of Disney, “one of the most powerful and well-known media conglomerates in the world.” (240) Disney has acquired land for it’s parks in areas incredibly close to urban centers, while still keeping enough distance for comfort and safety of their guests. This has been key to their success. It’s all about location and being in close proximity to an airport as well as an exit off an interstate highway, Prince William County was prime real estate. Eisner has been pushing a concept for a historical theme park depicting the beginning of this country’s history in what was widely considered the birthplace of America. Their goal was to use the company’s imaginative and innovative technology to offer it’s guests a new “entertaining, educational and emotional journey” through history. Although the project has been backed by the state legislature and the Virginia governors had long been supporters of bringing in new businesses to generate tourism and tax revenue, Eisner’s $650 million concept was met with an unthinkable amount of opposition and they are calling for him to change locations and possibly the entire theme of the park. Much of this opposition was coming from incredibly influential historians and columnists and was highly publicized. Eisner has to make a decision, and quickly. He could either continue with his plans, and fight the steadily and rapidly growing opposition, and
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