Case Study : Disney 's Business Model

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Requirement One
Part 1: Disney’s Business Model
The Walt Disney Company’s business model is to create value by providing family entertainment to people all over the world. The company owns television networks and various production studios as well as many different parks and resorts that provide families with the opportunities of creating memories. The company also offers consumer products and interactive programs that provide families with further entertainment. By offering consumer products like toys, DVD’s, books, and many others, the company goes into the customer’s home and provides permanent entertainment. The company’s eleven parks and forty-four resorts are spread all over the world and provide the company with customer value because the customers are given the chance to create moments with their families without having to travel halfway across the world. Disney also reaches households all over the world by offering services such as English learning centers in China. They also provide shows like Disney on Ice in order to give families that have already visited the parks a change of scenery and an opportunity to make new and different memories.
Part 2: Disney’s Business Strategy
Disney’s Business Strategy is mostly based on the customer’s trust. As a company that has been around for more than ninety years, The Walt Disney Company has earned the loyalty and trust of millions of families around the world. Families all over now rely on Disney to fulfill a great part of…

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