Case Study: Does Telehealth Technology Reduce Hospital Readmissions

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Does Telehealth Technology Reduce Hospital Admissions
As a staff nurse, we hear daily about the readmissions for chronic patients not being reimbursed by government and private insurers. If a patient returns to the hospital within 30 days after discharge for the same problem, our hospital is not paid for the care provided during the readmission. We are beginning to use a technology called Telehealth to see if we can reduce our chronic readmissions (Institute of Medicine Report, 2012).
Locating Reputable Journal Articles
One of the required readings was the Cornell University Library article on reviewing the scholarly journal requirement (2010). I am looking for a scholarly journal article that has been peered reviewed. I am not looking
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Unsure where I would find the best quality journal article; I did a multiple database search. Through this site, I decided on the Academic Search Complete database. Using the keywords ‘telehealth’ and ‘readmission’, and clicking on the ‘full text’ and ‘scholarly journal’ options, I was able to locate 23 articles. I wanted a recent article so I adjusted the date to remove old materials. Through this process, there were several excellent research articles discussing interventional and effectiveness trials but none caught my eye. I then did a journal search through Google Scholar and found a significant quantitative study by White-Williams, Unruh, and Ward (2015). I was able to locate the article through the Walden Library, which is a prerequisite for this week’s…show more content…
Long-standing medical conditions such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) present several challenges to hospitals. Caregivers can nurse patients back to baseline health status; however, when that patient returns home, lifestyle choices can trigger a quick return to the emergency room and a readmission. Telehealth monitoring was designed to monitor one of the highest readmission health crisis—CHF. The article chosen used both an extended research time and quantitative baseline. The authors found that previous research on short-term telehealth monitoring was insufficient to determine a reduction in readmissions. The study also found minimal positive results when CHF patients were monitoring for extended
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