Case Study: Dollar General

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Case Study - Dollar General Institutional Affiliation Mission statement The Dollar General is an American wholesale company that was first initiated in Scottsville, Tennessee by Turner and Cal Turner. Its headquarters are located in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. The mission statement of the Dollar General is "Serving Others." This mission statement helps to bring out the innate requests and intentions of the company in the United States of America and other countries in the world. The company has a vision that describes how it manages to cater for four different types of people. These four groups of people include the customers, the community, employees, and shareholders. Within these categories of people, Dollar General aspires to serve others through deliver of price quality and terrific prices for customers, opportunity, and respect for employees, a superior return for shareholders and a better life for the communities. Vision statement The Dollar General has the vision of believing in a number of activities that it seeks to deliver to the people. For instance, the Dollar General believes in respecting the personality and rights of its employees whatever their differences. The company believes in using decisions and actions that are direct from them. Moreover, the company likes being happy for the successes achieved, working hard in order to deliver goods and services to all its clients, and providing growth and development opportunities for employees in a
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