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Case Study: Opening New Dunkin Donuts Locations MGT330: Management for Organizations (BAC1617C) Instructor Robert Armbrust May 8, 2016 Introduction Dunkin Donuts was founded in 1950 by William Rosenburg and in four short years there were a total of five Dunkin’ Donuts shops. Today, Dunkin’ Donuts is in 30 countries with over 6,000 shops and is the leading retailer of coffee, donuts, and bagels. Having been promoted to District Manager of Dunkin Donuts, my responsibility is to create a team that will maintain the standards of Dunkin’ Donuts by delivering quality service and also be an integral part of making each new Dunkin’ Donuts shop profitable. Organizational structure as well as other methods to be used to build a successful…show more content…
They should also have a friendly disposition. Organizational Design The purpose of the organization, or the plan, also influences the structure of the organization (Reilly, M., et. al., 2014, Pg. 3.5). The four goals in the area of organizational design that help to achieve efficiency and effectiveness are managing complexity, differentiation and integration, managing interdependence, and creating and overseeing boundary-spanning activities (Reilly, M., et. al., 2014, Pg. 3.5). The three-level hierarchy in a simple structure for the individual shops is what I think would be appropriate. The three levels of hierarchy will be owner-manager, middle management, and line workers. This hierarchy will allow middle management to make some decisions thereby lessoning the number of decisions top management would make. (Colombo & Grilli, 2013, Pg. 393). Offering this type of independence and working with the middle management helps to foster growth for amazing leaders. Recruiting and Selection Because recruiting and staffing are normally on-going and not normally done by one person, I would recruit based on the needs of each of the individual shops. There are several ways to recruit for different positions such as word of mouth, walk-ins, friends, and advertising. Staffing companies are also a viable option however they can be expensive. It is exceptionally important that the individual doing the

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