Case Study ECO Trans Essay

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Case Study 2: Analysis of ECO-Trans Project Jose Rodriguez Sothern New Hampshire University Professor Steven Coleman Project Definition Astrid Varga, the project manager of ECO-Trans, a European-based company renowned for its efforts to cut down fuel cost and to reduce C02 emissions. The firm deals with the provision of “driver aide” systems that are used in land transport equipment such as trains, buses, and transport vehicles. The EC0-Stream company carries out the analysis of the current route of buses and trains, including scheduling arrival time, and advising the operator on techniques like gear or notch or when to break or coast to save on fuel. The prime client is Sunshine Rail Transit (SRT) – a light…show more content…
The alternative supplies are more expensive, but there is no other way out. Performance Measurement As soon as the faulty component issue was resolved Varga was asked by Schaller to compute a performance measurement baseline better known as (PMB) at the current point, 12th month to prepare for soon-to-happen checkpoint meeting between ECO-Trans and SRT. SRT does not invite budget variation despite the change of supplier. Project Resource Management From the moment the project started, the SRT’s Transportation Department Training Manager – Mark Osborne – was not at home with the timing of end user training. To him, the training occurred to late in the project plan. The locomotive engineers also felt that they were being excluded in the project and vowed to boycott the operation of the locomotives up on project completion. Intra-team resistance is always there. For instance, Varga expressed concerns that the locomotive engineers have been resisting the project from the beginning. They are resistors of change claiming that the improvements would mount more responsibilities on them. Looking at their complaints carefully, their reaction is partially justifiable. Project Conflict and Team Management SRT had some concerns about training. SRT’s communication specialists in the Mechanical Department, Bernie Hays and Ed Hallman were charged with the responsibility of installing the terminals and corresponding parts on the
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