Case Study East Mediterranean

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1. Provide an overall summary of your original proposal. What global health issues did you value, and how did you plan to address them? (1 paragraph)

The human population faces a number of issues barring them from affording a promising outcome for future generations so to help improve global standings those involved must decide which issues to tackle first. By looking into long-term prevention in issues such as: political disturbance, economic disruption, disease, thirst, and starvation other health concerns could be lowered in the process. One focus that is need of assistance is the issue of clean water access in Eastern Mediterranean region. The rural sections of the Eastern Mediterranean water supply is beyond the public sector that begs for improvement. This problem can be solved by first determining four to five countries within the Eastern Mediterranean area that need clean water most desperately and from there find out where to but the new and clean water supply so that it is accessible to the most amount of people. This would be followed up by distribution of water filters for those further away from the newly installed water source costing close to 5 million and most likely requiring the help of volunteers. The added cost of care for the civilians would be another 6 million and on top of that the cost of
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The only sold fact that I knew about water access was what I had read on WHO and other websites. Which stated only that there was a shortage of water there was no was no manual as to how to establish water access in such areas. Another using point that think is worth keeping is using water filters as a backup, because it would be favorable for those who are not centered around the wells. The use of volunteer still of great necessity because it would also work to cut back on expenses, that could then be used for future repairs/

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