Case Study : Eastman Kodak Company

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Assignment 3 Case Study Eastman Kodak Company Group #8 Larry Herb, Ye Xu, Shrenya Salguti, Surbhi Khandelwal Introduction For well over 100 years Eastman Kodak Company was a highly successful blue chip company, at it’s high point, Kodak had sales of $15 Billion Dollars in the year 2000. However at the turn of the millennium Kodak’s fortunes started to change by 2010 it would do less than $200 million dollars of film and by 2012 the company filed for bankruptcy. While Kodak exited bankruptcy in 2013 and continues to operate to this day, the company faces challenges that require the company to reinvent itself in all 4 Information System Components so the company can remain competitive and provide value to it’s customers while paying back its creditors $1.3 billion in debt. Company Background Kodak was founded in 1892 by George Eastman In Rochester, NY. The company became famous for it’s easy to use film based point and shoot camera. And for the decades to come the company would expand into various industries which included Movies & Television, Aerial Photography, SLR Cameras, and Digital Devices and Cameras. Today Kodak is a much different company, it is a smaller company employing 8,000 employees worldwide. While Kodak consumer products can still be purchased off the store shelves today, the company licenses it’s brand to other companies in exchange for a royalty. Most of it’s core business today is considered B2B (Business to Business). Kodak’s B2B business consists of

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