Case Study : Eat Lunch Standing Up

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Part Three- Theories of Leadership
Case Study
Eat lunch standing up was an intriguing case study, which led me to a better understanding of the key factors that are necessary to incorporate LMX theory during leadership. "Susan Parks is part-owner and manager of Marathon Sports, an athletic equipment store that specializes in running shoes and accessories" (Northouse, 2016, p. 84). A vast majority of the 10 employees are college students who normally works part-time hours, and on occasional, weekends. Susan wears many hats to ensure the stability o the stores ongoing 15% sale increases. Due to the continued multi-tasking, Susan often eats lunch standing up. Though Susan clearly demonstrates loyalty to athletic store, many of the employees have mixed reviews of her style of leadership. Many of the employees feel Susan lacks confidence in the employees capabilities to independently complete their assigned task. Others believe Susan 's leads a highly structured environment, demonstrating diligence and strategies to successful outcomes. Though it may appear that Susan may be an effective leader due to her ability to possess several focal qualities of a leader, but her excellent multi-tasking skills and long work hours does not mean the leadership skills are being exercised accordingly.
In one 's own opinion, Susan Parks has become more obsessed with being a authority leaders, that the skill trait of leader member theory (LMX). Susan is very aware of her ability to lead the…

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