Case Study - Ecologic

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Case Study: ECOLOGIC EMBA Program – Organizational Behavior Version 4.1 1st Version: 15 April 2013 This Version: 20 April 2013 Prepared by : S Satiavani R Reka Luxshmi Overview – Quarter 1 1 2 February Ecologic Setup • Non-profit organization – but need to be selfsustainable • 4 divisions (teams): • Cleanliness of beaches, rivers and lakes • Fund raising • Environmental Audit • Project team (lobbying, materials, etc.) January Capital • Sally inherit $500k • Use $200k to setup Ecologic 3 March Recruitment • 3 members join: • Dane – Environmental Engineer • Rudra – Accountant • Ella – Administration Asst. • Company Philosophy laid out: • Highest standard of Environmental Management Setting • Teamwork up values • Open discussion…show more content…
• But with different Personalities, difference in Perceptions on Role Perceptions based on perceived Values, Emotions and Different Attitudes – several Negative Situational Factors brought up NEGATIVE Motivation and affected Individual Behaviour in NEGATIVELY. Diagnostics What SHOULD have been done to ensure the success of Ecologic in the context of OB?  Organizational structure should have been planned properly, set and clarifies to everyone in the organization. Simply giving out job scopes without the element of an organizational structure created chaos rather than order. By setting up a proper organizational structure, a clear line of reporting or management system can be established (standardization of Processes and Outputs).  One of the Four Perspectives of Organizational Effectiveness is: Stakeholders' Perspective. Values had been set, and this fits the embodiment of Stakeholders’ Perspective. However, this should have been followed through so that it can become an organizational culture. There are conflicts in terms of set Values and actual practice in Ecologic. Diagnostics What SHOULD have been done to ensure the success of Ecologic in the context of OB?  The management of Ecologic should
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