Case Study : El Paso Children 's Hospital Essay

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Before 2012 El Paso, TX never had a children’s hospital. In fact it was the largest metropolis city that did have a pediatric hospital according to (El Paso Childrens Hospital, 2016). El Paso Children’s Hospital serves a dramatically underserved pediatric region where there are approximately 222,000 children that are enrolled with Medicaid in 2011. This statistic demonstrates the magnitude of having a skilled specialty of pediatric services. El Paso Children’s Hospital features 122 private pediatric rooms, state of the art equipment, family friendly space, kids “pain free” playrooms, pediatric rehabilitation, pediatric emergency department, pediatric imaging, pediatric inpatient and outpatient infusion, pediatric intensive care unit, pediatric operating rooms, pediatric critical care transport team, and a Level III neonatal intensive care unit (El Paso Children’s Hospital, 2016). The mission of EPCH is to provide compassion, coordinated, family-centered care for children with a dedicated commitment to excellence patient outcomes. Since it’s opening in 2012 El Paso Children’s Hospital (EPCH) has been going through some financial struggles. EPCH is located and conjoined with the county facility University Medical Center (UMC). El Paso Children’s Hospital is the only separately licensed, non-taxing, independent, 501(c) (3) not-for-profit children’s hospital in the El Paso region and the only dedicated Pediatric Hospital within a 200-mile radius of El Paso, Texas (El Paso

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