Case Study : Elaine's Challenge

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Elaine’s Challenge
Elaine has taken on a great challenge in making positive changes within this agency which will ultimately create an environment in which the traumatized child clients can grow and change for the better. It is a given that she will experience added stress as an administrator of an agency with so many problems. How we respond to the inherent stress of this work eventually impacts the quality of intervention we provide to children and adolescents (Steele, 2012). This is certainly true for administrators. Elaine has feelings of stress exhibited by her feeling of defeat. Elaine is experiences secondary traumatic stress better known as vicarious trauma. No human service or social worker is exempt from vicarious trauma stress.
Mr. Aaron’s job seems to be getting the best of him. He is giving control to the child clients and they are clearly running over and controlling him. Mr. Aaron appears to be experiencing vicarious trauma but also job burnout. The same thing that is happening to Mr. Aaron is happening to all the staff in this agency. Arrington (2008) included a survey participant quote which states:
“The major challenge of social work is that social workers have too many things on their plates. They cannot possibly do everything they need to do and do it well. Burnout is a main reason people are leaving the profession. We are short-handed as it is…”
Factors of job related stress are that salaries are not adequate or comparable to other

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