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Natanael Moreno Operations Management Professor: Richard Young September 12th, 2012 Eldora According to this case study, Eldora was considered a U.S. leading bicycle maker. One of the strategies that helped to this success was the fact that Eldora was a “home made” manufacturing. What this mean is that Eldora kept its productions centers in the same campus as its corporate offices; which were located in Boulder, Colorado. This “home made” strategy helped to the ultimately goal and of course growth of the company. Moreover, this caused improvements among the different sections of the company as well. This success was so efficient that Eldora’s sales and earnings had wonderful record levels, which made its operations vice…show more content…
Establishing a joint venture? This is also a great opportunity. In this way the brand is going to be recognize in the major cities, which control the major economies, which it will increase the knowledge of potential associates. Forging alliance with an Asian company and establish a final assembly plant? Why not? Eldora should partner up with Asian companies. As I mentioned before, Taiwan is already helping Eldora out in making certain parts. If Eldora partner up with certain Asian companies this will allow a better proximity to the major competitors and Eldora will not have to be fighting from American soil. This will allow Eldora to focus mainly in its new customers, or better said “core competencies.” All of these alternatives point us to our last alternative, which is the idea of creating an entire and owned replica of the Eldora campus in some Asian mecca. After supporting these previous alternatives and describing briefly how the company will best accomplish them it will be foolish to say that this is a wrong idea. This will greatly benefit Eldora, and it will help to finally establish Eldora after taking those previous steps, those baby steps. I believe the only way on how Eldora should be able to accomplish such a great accomplishment, will be by completing the previous ones. I mean, after

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