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Case Study: Electrimex Electrimex was established by Gerald Ortiz in Tijuana in January 1988. Tijuana is a City in Mexico just over the United States border. This makes the location perfect for the plant to supply less expensive Mexican labor workers to make the household electrical products that are shipped back over the border for sale at stores such as Wal-mart and Home Depot. Electrimex is a “wholly owned subsidiary of a U.S. manufacturer” (Jenner 18). Gerald Ortiz currently serves as the General Manager of the plant. The issues plaguing the Electrimex plant include communication, production, engineering, quality assurance, maintenance, accounting, and relations issues. Some of the major communication issues are due to…show more content…
Some ways to do this are by having a formal system of recognition for high quality work, longer periods of service, and small tokens of appreciation. One way to achieve higher employee satisfaction is to communicate clearly about expectations. Coaching and mentoring individual employees based on their specific needs will be an absolute must. It is also essential for each department to plan and communicate future goals with the rest of the company. For example, the engineering department will need to document all testing and pilot runs and communicate the results with the management of each of the other departments. This communication between departments is essential and will be successful with regularly scheduled meetings and written guidelines regarding types of acceptable communication. These written guidelines should include frequency of expected communications. The meetings should have specific written agendas that are distributed ahead of time for review. The meetings should have a PowerPoint presentation that will guide the meetings pace and give the attendees an organized place for the information they are receiving. Also, the meeting should be closed to the outside to omit interruptions. The management meetings should be mandatory for each departmental manager, including service departments such as Accounting and Human Resources, to attend. It

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