Case Study : Employee And Manager

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The purpose of this memo is to analyze and reflect upon a scenario in which an employee and his manager are presented with an unruly customer whose request is in violation of company policy. Austin, the employee, does his best to politely explain to the customer why he cannot fulfill their request. Once Suzette, the customer, begins to make a scene, Austin’s manager gets involved. Phil, Austin’s manager, resolves the situation by complying with Suzette’s request. After the exchange, Suzette is now satisfied while Austin is angry. Although the customer was happy, both Austin and Phil could have handled the situation better. Phil, in particular, should make use of the KEYS process to improve his ability to handle tough customer service situations in a fashion that reduces the risk of upsetting his employees and customers.
Following Phil’s resolution to the situation, Austin is understandably upset since his decision not to process a refund was reversed by his manager. Phil’s decision to allow Suzette to return the merchandise was against store policy, which Austin was abiding. If Austin had allowed the return of the merchandise without supervisor approval he could have been reprimanded. Instead, he took every step to explain to the customer in a calm, professional manner why he could not accept her return. Once Phil was involved, however, everything Austin had previously communicated with the customer was discarded. Phil showed blatant disregard for Austin’s effort to…
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