Case Study : Ending A Never Ending Story

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Campaign name: Ending a never-ending story. (Queensland)

Executive Summary
Situation Analysis and research Homelessness becomes a noteworthy matter in Australia in our time.
Target publics People who suffering from homelessness and domestic/ family violence.
Objectives (S.M.A.R.T): providing volunteer activities (April,2017), creating website ( early 2017) selling clothe at charity event ( every 3 weeks in 2017), recording documentary movie ( early 2017 )
Strategy: using both emotion and character rhetorical tool as the main strategy.
Key/main message: Raising awareness for people about the root causing homelessness and domestic/family violence.
Tactics: Using both uncontrolled and controlled tactics.
Goal: Raising awareness for …show more content…

(Arnautovska, Sveticic, & De Leo, 2013)
• Primary target:
People who are currently having a domestic violence and suffering in homelessness in two group from 20-35 years old and 40-55 years old, especially women and children.
• Secondary target:
People who has a relationship with those who has suffering from homelessness and domestic/family violence.

Goals (S.M.A.R.T)

- Raise community awareness and understanding about the root causes of poverty and homelessness as well as the main reason causing family and domestic violence.
- Calling for the help and sponsor from Queensland Government and large homeless organization in Queensland, to guarantee that people at risk of homelessness are identified immediately, ensure they have access to the right support before reaching the emergency point until the end of 2017.
- Holding a charity event every 2 months to maintain the aim of this campaign until reach the goal of which reducing the percentage of homeless in Queensland until the end of 2017.

Objectives (S.M.A.R.T)
- Provide volunteer activities at 3 biggest high school in Gold Coast, Queensland on April, 2017 (Miami State High School, Southport State High School , Keebra Park State High School )
- Creating a website where people can find “what, where, how and when” of the campaign and all the activities which the campaign has done, will available on it.
- Selling T-shirt and hat with the campaign’s slogan

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