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I. INTRODUCTION Diabetes is a chronic condition involving glucose in the blood. It is caused by a problem in the way the body makes or uses insulin. Insulin, a hormone that is necessary for glucose to move from the blood to the inside of the cells. The body cannot use the insulin for energy if it cannot get into the cells. Diabetes occurs when the body has too much blood glucose due to either the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or the body cannot effectively use the insulin produced. In type 2 diabetes (formerly called non-insulin-dependent diabetes or adult-onset diabetes), the pancreas continues to produce insulin, sometimes even at higher-than-normal levels. However, the body develops resistance to the effects of insulin, so…show more content…
The latest WHO estimate – for the number of people with diabetes, worldwide, in 2000 – is 171 million. This is likely to increase to at least 366million by 2030 (WHO, 2003). Diabetes Mellitus based on statistics here in the Philippines is one of the top ten leading causes of mortality and it is ranked 9th. The number of mortality of the said disease per 100,000 population is 16,552 on both sexes, 7,970 are males and 8,582 are females [The 2004 Philippine statistics updated last February 11, 2008]. Basically, there are a significant number of Diabetes Mellitus Type II cases in the country, and this is the reason why thorough study of this case is needed. This case study has enabled the nurse to be more familiarized with the different aspects of such condition. Thus, confirming the belief that when the nurse become more knowledgeable, the more effective he/he becomes in the provision of nursing care. The nurse-researcher also thinks that the knowledge he has acquired regarding this type of disease would benefit him especially in his practice of the nursing profession. At the same time, having large variety of information about the said topic will enable us, health care provider, to provide explanations and health teachings about the client’s condition OBJECTIVES A. Nurse – Centered After 2 days of nurse-patient interaction and data gathering, the nurse will be able to: Cognitive * Identify the underlying
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