Case Study Essay - Critical Analysis of Cbt and Psychodynamic Appoaches

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It is important when working with clients that consideration is given to the methods and approaches used with regards to specific client’s needs and personality as well as consideration regarding presenting issues. Here a case study of Jane is used to argue /evaluate and assess how both a psychodynamic counselor and cognitive behavioral therapist (CBT) would view the case study of Jane from their perspectives. Consideration will be given from both a psychodynamic approach and CBT approach of how a therapist might work with Jane. The main similarities and differences of both the psychodynamic and CBT approaches will be analyzed. This will lead into an evaluation of which is the most appropriate approach in working with Jane by …show more content…
This would help Jane to recognise the unconscious past and how this relates to present interactions facilitating change.
Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) perspective
CBT is an integrated approach using various combinations of cognitive and behavioral modification interventions and techniques (Myers, 2005). The aim is to change maladaptive patterns of thinking and behaving that impact clients in the present (Weiten et al., 2009). From a cognitive behavioral perspective Jane would be diagnosed as having faulty thinking and dysfunctional behavioral issues suffering from depression, and anxiety in the form of Agoraphobia (Weiten et al., 2009).
A major focus will be on the rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT), while incorporating other behavioral and cognitive techniques relevant in supporting Jane (Corey, 2005) A cognitive counsellor would facilitate a guided discovery and Socratic dialogue to gather information about past events (Weiten et al., 2009). Therefore, signaling evidence of potential cognitive distortions Jane has learnt and integrated that may have established rigid and unrealistic thoughts patterns. Hence, the goal is to replace these distortions with constructive automatic thoughts and core schemas by obtaining new ways to think and behave (Weiten et al., 2009). A counsellor would help Jane to identify cognitive distortions that contribute to behavioral problems and

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