Case Study : Ethical Decision Making

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Module 1 Assignment 3: Case Study: Ethical Decision Making April Culberson Argosy University Module 1 Assignment 3 Summarized the behavior you consider unethical and unprofessional in the case study. Substantiated the analysis with reasons After reading the case study, it becomes apparent the many questionable behaviors Joe commits while counseling Jill. First is his reaction towards Jill’s confession concerning sexual confusion about being attracted to other women. Joe’s expression (shocked and wide-eye) was inappropriate when someone is revealing secrets they have never revealed before. While Joe may have felt surprised at the confession (which is not a main concern), but he needed to control his facial reaction to show no indication of anything negative. By Jill seeing this expression on a professional, she could begin feeling ashamed of her attraction, guilty, and/or lose trust in revealing any more personal information to Joe for fear of embarrassment or shame. Furthermore, Joe should never have persecuted Jill based on his personal religious beliefs. One of the tenants of the Code of Ethics is to create an unbiased and prejudicial-free area for people to discuss their thoughts and feelings. Joe explained that because of his beliefs, he considered her thoughts as immoral and wrong. He violated almost everything a counselor should stand for. In addition, he told Jill she should pray for forgiveness (not considering her religious beliefs, if any) and ignore those
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