Case Study Ethical Dilemma

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I. Case Analysis A. The Situation As earlier mentioned, the case involves Mr. Romulo Bernas, a staff assistant in Prime Shipping Inc., who earns a salary enough to support his family. He is directly reporting to a manager and has no fixed job description. He also works closely with Mr. Jose Narciso, a former New People’s Army member and is now a bodyguard of a politician connected to the Bureau of Customs (BOC). Mr. Bernas has been given several credits for his work. As such, he was assigned to provide some order and system to the shipments loading and unloading in the pier. As he is performing this task, he saw the intervention of custom officials in the shipments of textiles in the port area. The next day to his surprise,…show more content…
* Lighter problems to face (only new job and relocation). * Security of the family. | 2Resist the bribe, voluntary resign & remain silent. | * Injustice to the fall guys for remaining silent. * Tolerance of illegal practices and abuse of power. * No extra money. * Temporary unemployment and no income source. | * ‘Utang na loob’ is not forsaken. * No personal relationships are broken. * Lighter problems to face (only new job and relocation). * Security of the family. | 3Resist the bribe, stay with the company and report the incident. | * Personal relationships are broken. * Family security and safety are at stake. * Due process takes time and is more complicated. * No extra money. | * Possible acquittal of the fall guys and trial for the true suspects and mastermind. * Honesty and integrity on a personal and institutional (BOC) level were achieved. * Secured employment and monthly source of income. | Except for the money involved, the costs and benefits presented above are unquantifiable. This is a limitation of utilitarianism. Also in the table above it seems that the best action would be to accept the bribe and remain silent (option 1) since this option has the net quantifiable benefit (Php 30,000) which is the net of the additional income of Php50,000 less the fixed income of Php20,000. This action however ignores the right of the fall guys to justice. This is another limitation of

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