Case Study: Ethical Issues Confronting Jacob

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There are a number of ethical concerns contained within the case study. Due to the large number of ethical issues confronting Jacob, he may wish to make a decision as to whether he truly desires to work in such an unethical culture. The environment of a business can certainly influence the individual employee, either for good and positive aspects, or in a bad or negative manner. Organizational ethics are definitely in play in this particular case study. A 2010 study found that an "organizational culture reflects more than rules and structure within an organization, but represents deeper values, practices, and ways of thinking" (McNeal, 2010, p. 125). This organization's overall lack of professionalism and the resulting environment can take its toll on Jacob, causing him to make decisions and take action(s) that he might fully regret later. The very first ethical concern as it pertains directly to Jacob is the headhunting from another firm that provided him with the opportunity to divulge privileged information to a competitor. This may seem small-time when compared to handing out envelopes full of cash, but it directly affects Jacob's decision making process and his character. In fact, it could not only be grounds for dismissal from his current employment, but it could also cause a re-thinking by the firm pursuing his services. The firm that is pursuing Jacob could decide that any employee who would give out sensitive information to a competitor might also do the same
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