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“Good management is working through others to accomplish task that help fulfill organizational objectives as efficiently as possible.” a) Would you agree to the above statement? Please explain your answer. No, I disagree with the above statement as efficiency was more towards achieving specific objective with minimum usage available resources and time consumption. In view of my current job in sales and marketing, if I just blindly drive my sales team to sale the products and services to fulfill the organizational sales target without considering the quality of delivery in terms of knowledge, skills, competency, and experience, time required for delivery, methods used for delivery and resources available for delivery. How long can I…show more content…
This show that efficiency can drive a person or a team to complete the task as per requirement but in terms of management, it should not be just looking into efficiency but effectiveness also very important especially in the sales and services industry. b) If you were tasked the role of a CEO, how would you make others to accomplish tasks effectively. I am an Advance Diploma in Computer Studies holder with around 12 years of working experience from administration, event management, sales and marketing in retail and education. If I am being tasked the role of CEO in my company. I definitely will take the challenge. First, I will go to google and read some good example of a CEO in some well-known company such as SAMSUNG, APPLE, DISNEY and etc to get some inspiration and better idea on how to become a good and effective CEO in my company. I believe lead by example. I also believe people are the most important asset of an organization. How to become an effective CEO? I believe an effective CEO must be able to lead and work through people. How to tap on their talents? How to make them work for you and how to motivate them? What is their strengths and weakness? I must know my staff well and delegates the job by tapping on their talents. Being the top of the pyramid, a great CEO must be able to clearly communicate the vision of the
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