Case Study: Executive Summary Of Banyan Tree Hotels

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Banyan Tree Hotels

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Executive Summary - Tinu
About Banyan Tree Hotels - Dane
Current & Past Performance - Hazem

External Environment Scanning
Analysis of the Macro- Environment
PEST Analysis - Christen
Analysis of the Micro - Environment
Inter- Industry Analysis Industry Analysis - Hazem
Porter’s Five Force Analysis -Tinu
Industry Changes- Dane
Intra- Industry Analysis
Strategic Groups & Competitor Analysis - Dane

Internal Environment Scanning
Internal Analysis - Christen Resources and Capabilities Value Chain
Situational Summaries Internal Factor (SW/IFAS)- HAZEM External Factors (OT/EFAS)- Christen SWOT Analysis (SFAS) - Tinu
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Banyan tree hotel has successfully emerged into its target market segment because of its strategic brand positioning and image. It positioned itself in the niche upscale category, it provides romantic, exclusive and intimate holiday experience for its guests. It was known for its exclusive natural settings with its tailor made service. The hotel was successful in positioning its point of difference in the mind of its customers.

Banyan tree's has an integrated and innovative business model that is based on 6 business segments: in tourism and hospitality markets: hotel investment, hotel management, property sales, spa operations, gallery operations and design services; generating multiple income streams that is unique in itself within the hospitality industry. This ability of developing and managing complementary product offerings with in-house talent makes it difficult for competitors to compete with same level of

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