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Answers to Case Study 12.1 Questions
| Short Term | Long Term | Piet Andaro | * Piet will be demotivated impacting the performance of his team and himself. * He might receive negative comments from his management who does not have a full understanding of the role played by Piet which will lead to further dissatisfaction. | * Piet might look forward for a career break which will give him an opportunity to consider other options available to him. * Another competitive Airline might make an offer to Piet and Piet might take the offer taking in to consideration the unsatisfying working environment with the current employer. * In the long run the Airline will realize the overall breadth of work Piet performed and how Piet
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the vision will be most effective.
This question fails to identify at which level poor motivation is present, i.e. whether it’s at the top management level or at the ground level. I have assumed that poor motivation is apparent in the organization as a whole when compiling the above answer.

I think the Airline must have had a “Self-Motivating Environment” sometime back. This is obvious from the existence of committed self-motivated employees like Piet and his team. From my perspective the Airline is on the verge of losing whatever that’s left of the “Self-Motivating Environment”. I do not see a problem with poor recruitment but a lack of common goal for all the employees to take part in.

My belief is that Equity theory of motivation can be successfully applied to both Piet and Robert.
Piet takes satisfaction in his work. It will be quite easy to keep Piet motivated with proper assistance from the Management. The Management should look at ways to rewarding Piet and his team of self-motivated individuals so that they would become role models inside the organization who will achieve organizational goals.
Robert on the other hand is motivated by extrinsic factors. With proper goal setting and rewards for Robert and his team they could be motivated to achieve what Piet and his team could achieve.

Strategies of Motivation for My Organization and HR Contribution
Being somewhat a small organization most of the HR related

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