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Case Study # 10
1. What, if anything, should Sony do to turn around the sales of the PS3?
2. What has been Sony’s strategic approach with regard to new product development?
3. What are the key success factors in the video gaming industry today? Are these the same as in the past?
4. What was Sony’s marketing program for the launch of the PS3? What is the competitive advantage of the PS3? What are the weaknesses of the PS3?
5. Compare the marketing program of the Nintendo Wii to the PS3. How are they different?
To turn around the sales of PS3, Sony should upgrade and go more details of interesting games, spotty support for PS2 games and uninspiring online capabilities to capture the interest of the consumers. In the market, Xbox 360 has
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In 2005, Sony’s copy protection schemes resulted in one of the most notorious scandals to hit the music industry. Even though Sony settled charges, the scandal became a lightning rod for the growing movement against proprietary and protected media and caused irreparable harm to Sony’s reputation within the music industry. All the above events present the product innovation history of Sony and their approach to the market regard to the new product development. The organization seems like to create the products that they prefer to do first. Fortunately, if the consumers love the products, they do not have to worry about the sale and revenue. In the case of famous Sony Walkman and Trinitron, the company would for sure enjoy their great work since the consumers are in love with the products which takes the market share in the business field. But in the case of only supporting one format instead of supporting other formats as well and only preferring to produce higher definition rather than longer recording that consumers want, Sony seem to listen the feedback for the consumers and repair their creation for more sale and revenue. If the consumers do not feel comfortable to use the products, the sale and revenue of the company will not surely go up as well. Their strategy to approach the development of new product might not be concerning with the preference of the consumers sometimes. Sony seems to favor
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