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Week 2 Paper (Case Study) HCS615/Dr. Cheryl Chance Jacque Hartnett

1. Why was the CEO going ahead with the dismissal when he did? The CEO probably felt this was his only opportunity to get rid of Dr. Dulac before the chairman came back from vacation. Just because the chairman was friends with Dr. Dulac and also a patient of his, the chairman should have put that aside because they are running a business. Sometimes being friends and engaging in business does not coincide with one another. Dr. Dulac wasn’t fulfilling his job as the medical director, so it was time for a new medical director who was going to get
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Other documents needed are the quality improvement activities, patient services, resident’s rights, and the administration medical and clinical services must be reviewed (Goldsmith, 2011). 4. What backlash can he anticipate from his action? The CEO may lose the contract between the facility and the medical school. He may also lose the 40% of the nursing home residents who were being cared by Dr. Dulac. The chairman of the board may make the CEOs life miserable, because of betraying the chairman’s decision by bringing on Rachel as the interim medical director. The chairman and the CEO couldn’t come to terms on agreement for using Rachel as the interim medical director, therefore the CEO went ahead and made the change while the chairman was out of town. The board of directors and the chairman may even push the CEO out by making him resign. It’s better to do business when you have both people in agreement, otherwise there may be consequences on both sides. 5. Is this a career-making or career-breaking action? It would be a career in the making if all the executives and board members were all on the same page. Since the chairman is in disagreement, the CEO could lose his job for going behind the chairman’s back by hiring Rachel as the interim medical director. The chairman should have made the decision before leaving on vacation. Actually it could be a career-break for the chairman. The chairman may need to get away from all the hustle and bustle in

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