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The Clarion School for Boys, Inc. Milwaukee Division: Making Information Systems Investments Date: MGMT408 Introduction John Young has a tremendous responsibility on his hands in preparing an evaluation of the current state of Information Systems (IS) for the Milwaukee’s Division of the Clarion School for Boys, Inc. Mr. Young is on a truncated timetable, and will have to rely on the schools staff and faculty to aid him in making an informed evaluation of the schools information system infrastructure, and articulate his assessment to the Board of Directors for approval. Background The Clarion School for Boys was founded in 1989 by investors from the local Chicago area, primarily foster children, who took a vested interest in…show more content…
Some staff complained that some systems were inconveniently accessible and others didn’t have enough systems to compliment the number of staff members in certain directorates. Furthermore, the staff and faculty were seemingly unaware of the system capabilities… possibly due to lack of training. Discussion Mr. Young should look into establishing a permanent staff position for an Information Systems (IS) manger. This managerial position would task the individual with the responsibility of handling the Clarion-Milwaukee’s information system networks, personal computers, and telephone (PBX) systems. In addition, for future updates and upgrades, the IS manager will be able to evaluate and implement training needs and voice them to Mr. Young. It would also be in the best interest of the staff and faculty if they were involved in promoting a “team concept” by soliciting feedback down to the lowest level in the evaluation of newly implemented systems. This will provide a thorough and concise evaluation and will allow for identifying high, medium, and low risks which can weigh heavily on future changes or requirements, and can facilitate in the long range IS planning for Clarion-Milwaukee. It would be advisable for Mr. Young to implement a formal concept to planning and develop a master Information Systems plan which outlines details of the schools issues and improvement of future infrastructure,

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