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Use table 16-2 to evaluate the extent to which Lynn Tilton displayed the characteristics associated with being a good leader and good manager. Lynn applies several of the leadership characteristics listed on Table 16-2. The first one demonstrated in the case study is understanding and using power and influence. When Lynn was asked by Tony Brown is she was going to strip and flip the company, she came back with a witty answer that she only stripped and flipped men, and that the companies she deals with is placed at at a higher level. She truly understands and manages her power in a positive way. If Lynn viewed her projects as flipping and stripping, it would reveal that she was only in type of industry for selfish reasons (Kreitner…show more content…
Employees tend to work better when they are not being intimidated or bullied by their employer. Lynn being from a difficult background allows her to have the ability to be down to earth with her workers. With that being said, Lynn does possess a few negative traits. She may mean well, but these traits can cause external and internal stakeholders to get the wrong idea. One of her negative leadership traits deals with her being intemperate. As a matter of opinion, her appearance can cause men to get the wrong idea about her. The case study states that she wears high heels and tight leather skirts (Kreitner & Kinicki,2013, p.36). She has proved to be successful but appearance is a priority when involved in a leadership position. In the office, your clothing and grooming should not distract. This isn't the time to express yourself. It's all about projecting a business demeanor. Your clothes should help bring focus to who you are as a professional. The overall goal when dressing business casual is not primarily comfort. It is making sure you still look professional (Osborne, 2011, p.1). However, Lynn displayed situational approaches toward leadership by changing from trading debt with her own money to taking control of the companies whose debt she was acquiring to maximize her profit. References Kreitner, R.

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