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10/29/2012 Case Analysis | By: Kryptonite Solutions, LTD (Group 4) EXECUTIVE MEMBERS SHIMONAH ISRAEL, Sales & Innovation ANASTASIA SHANDYGA, Accounting & Administration INNA SHEVKOPLYAS, Growth & Finance[Gatekeeper] YOUSSEF BENNIS, Information Systems & Technology SHARIFUL ALAM BHUIYAN, Marketing & CRM SHAMA ISLAM, Communications & PR October 29, 2012 School of Business 1 University Plaza Brooklyn, NY 11201 Dear Professor Stucke, After analyzing all the presented data for Narayana Hrudayalaya Kryptonite…show more content…
Industry Structure: Consolidated [Developed and emerging countries gradually shifting towards a more collaborative approach] Product Differentiation: Generic [Differentiated by service. specialization, price points, and branding] Technological Change: Slow [More innovations evolving over time] Product/Service Technology: Moderate [Moving gradually towards higher automation in processes] Location Global Product life Cycle Developed countries: Maturity Emerging countries: Late growth NH has a great chance to gain a great competitive advantage over major health care providers by expanding market boundaries through providing high quality service at low price, technological innovation and targeting a new niche markets. Going into the international market NH will gain more market share with higher sales bringing higher revenues. Opening more facilities in India, Bangladesh, Thailand, China, and Pakistan will further enhance NH backward vertical integration, scale and geographic scope so that NH will continue to provide constant value creation. If comparing prices cardiac surgeries in the United States the cost can be up to US$50,000. In comparison in India, typically cost is between US$5,000-US$7,000, making it ten times less expensive. At NH surgeries cost less than US$3, 000, and the price depends only on the complexity of the procedure or the length of hospitalization, making the company very favorable by being a low cost provider. Keeping the

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