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DATE: 11/14/00



After careful review and analysis of the situation and the facts surrounding the company Brinkerhoff International Incorporated (BII), our team has been able to develop a viable course of action to efficiently improve productivity and relations within the organization.


It is apparent through financial records that Rig 1-E by far outperforms any rig by almost double and, in some instances, by almost three times as much. What we need to focus on is what makes that rig succeed and
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What we need to do is focus on their main differences and take the necessary steps to improve the leadership of Tom Rossick. The effective style of leadership here is to be more of a friend and not be so demanding, and in the end more positive results will be provided. For example, the crewmembers of Rossick don’t feel open enough to talk in front of their manager. They are either afraid or they just don’t feel comfortable. These behaviors need to be changed for the betterment of the organization. Obviously the crewmembers are highly skilled workers and, according to the Fiedler model, leaders need to be less task-oriented and more relationship-oriented. Tom Rossick is clearly not that kind of a manager. We have two options: (1) we could invest in training programs to change Rossick’s management style, or (2) we could let him go and find a manager with the traits that fit the company. Managers are role models; if they don’t care, neither will the workers. Employees read the message that the managers send and model their behavior accordingly. It is true that certain positions require people to take on certain role identities, which make their attitudes and behaviors consistent with a role, such as leaders, who must take a commanding role.

Positives: If the person’s leadership style can be molded according to the Behavorial Approach of the 1950’s then Rossick’s traits can be changed to be more

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