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Switching Basics and Intermediate Routing
Cisco Networking Academy Program 3

Tobi Beernaert 2ICT3
Ciske Clarysse 2ICT3

Overview and Objectives

The following case study is used to illustrate the process and documentation required for a network design. This case study presents a scenario in which the XYZ Research Company has hired a Network Consultant Group to design their network. In order to help you organize this project, the scenario has been broken into eight phases listing requirements for each phase. A worksheet is to be completed for each part. A formal report, similar to what would be given to the company, will need to be created after all tasks have been completed.

This case study
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ce |Description and Purpose |DCE/DTE (if |Speed or |Interface IP Address|Subnet Mask |
|type/number | |applicable) |clock rate| | |
|S0 |Connectie met Border Router |DCE |56000 | | |
| | | | | | |
|Loopback0 |Connectie met internet |/ |/ | | |
| | |
|Router Name: |Border Router |
|Interface or / Subinterface |Description and Purpose |DCE/DTE (if |Speed or |Interface IP Address|Subnet Mask |
|type/number | |applicable) |clock rate| | |
|S1 |Connectie met Switch Router |DCE |56000

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